jeeeean (jeeeean) wrote,


Been a while since I posted here since I only use my journal to rant about stupid stuff in my life that aren't worth posting anywhere else.

let's see.
"Concentrate on what you do well, and do even better."

I don't do well in anything so what am I supposed to concentrate on?
I can't sing.. I mean hell, I sing as if I'm going to die and even my family hates me singing.
I can't dance.. I can't remember any KPOP dance moves and it's pretty obvious I'm so stiff I shouldn't even attempt to.
I can't run.. I've been failing at it since I was born and will never be good at it no matter how much I try.
I can't do sports in general.. I can't even catch a ball properly, what else could I be good at.

And.. I can't even study.

So what is my life? What am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to do?

Why am I even being negative here, so much for being positive and happy and cheerful 24/7 when I can't even get my head around myself.

Oh and another thing I can't do.. get people to accept me.

That's it. end of my story. don't think anyone will possibly read it.
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